I Tried Every Fried Dish at the Indiana State Fair

Food we try at the Indiana State Fair
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Italian food is known as simple, and just perfect. Asian cuisine is known for its spices. And then there is the American food. The best way for me to describe it would be deep fried. Yeah, we deep-fry everything! Some will say it’s not healthy. Well, we don’t care. It’s delicious.

And the best way to enjoy the right taste and combinations of different deep-fried recipes is at a good old state fair. Last year, I went to the Indiana State Fair. And I can’t wait for the upcoming one in August only to enjoy all those fried things a sane person would never put on their mind. I mean, deep-fried cookies!

I will now share my experience with this food there (skip it if you fear getting a heart attack).

Deep Fried Corn on a Stick

Deep Fried Corn on a Stick

This one is a classic. You will find it at any fair, or any other public event. I love it because it is crunchy outside while juicy inside. And the recipe is quite simple. Therefore, you will get the same or at least nearly the same thing wherever you get it.

And about the recipe, if you ever want to make this at home. All you need is corn on a stick, that you will dunk in buttermilk, roll in seasoned flour and cornmeal, and then deep-fry it. That’s it!

I prefer it spicy. That’s why I always go for Cholula sauce, but it’s just fine without any toppings.

Lemon Drop Drizzle

Lemon Drop Drizzle at the Indiana State Fair

When I saw them at the fair, I just had to give them a try. Each little cake gets dipped in a batter made with fresh lemon juice and zest. Then into the hot oil they go until the outside is a nice golden brown.

I’ll tell ya, that first bite packed some zing! All that tart lemon flavor really woke me up. But it wasn’t too sour – the cake inside was sweet to balance it out.

When I watched them making the batch, I was amazed at how they did it. First, they take those mini cakes and dunk them really slowly into the lemon batter. Make sure the whole thing is coated really well. Then it’s straight into the big fryer full of hot oil.

Nutellaphant Ear

Nutellaphant Ear at the Indiana State Fair

When I was walking around the fair checking out all the food options, that giant fried dough covered in Nutella really stood out. I’m a sucker for anything with hazelnut spread, so I was intrigued.

Taking my first few bites, I was impressed by the contrast of textures – the warm, crispy dough shell paired nicely with the cool, rich Nutella filling. Tasting hints of cocoa and roasted nuts mixed with the fresh banana and strawberry was really satisfying.

S’mores Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake at the Indiana State Fair

I’m usually not a huge funnel cake guy, but adding the s’mores twist had me sold.

It was piled high with ingredients – melted marshmallow topping, mini chocolate chips, and graham cracker crumbs sprinkled all over. Taking a bite, I got that classic combo of sweet, salty, and crunchy.

A regular funnel is quite boring when compared to this.

Deep Fried Brownies

Deep Fried Brownies - Indiana State Fair

And now you see I wasn’t lying in the introduction part. You really can get deep-fried brownies at the Indiana State Fair. It’s like some USA-powered cookie.

Something about the idea of frying up an already decadent brownie seemed almost ridiculously over the top. But I just couldn’t skip this one.

The first bite was an experience. That crispy, sugary exterior gave way to the still-molten chocolate filling within. It was an incredible contrast of hot and cold, crisp and soft.

I’ll be honest, I felt slightly illustrious eating something so indulgent in public. But it was truly a once-a-year treat. I think anything more than that is not considered safe!

Deep Fried Cheese on a Stick

Deep Fried Cheese on a Stick

There’s just something so satisfying about a big hunk of melty mozzarella coated in crispy batter. I love how the outside gets all crunchy while the inside stays gooey. It’s the perfect handheld snack to munch on while walking around checking out all the rides and games.

The marinara sauce they provide for dipping is an essential addition too – it cuts through the richness of the fried cheese perfectly. I always end up double-dipping that stick to get full flavor in each bite.

At this point, I’ve probably tried every variety of fried food under the sun at our county fair. But year after year, that classic cheese-on-a-stick is still my favorite.

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