The Best Pie in Indiana That No One Talks About

The best pies to try in Indiana
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Rolling Pin Bakehouse, Roanoke

Mixed Berry Pie in Rolling Pin Bake House

Price Range: $3 – $5 per slice

Specialty: Mixed Berry Pie

Located in Roanoke, Rolling Pin Bakehouse epitomizes traditional baking. The highlight is the mixed berry pie, featuring meticulously selected berries for peak flavor, encased in a golden-brown crust prepared fresh daily. The bakehouse presents a cozy atmosphere akin to a grandmother’s kitchen.

Boulder Creek Dining Company, Brownsburg

Boulder Creek Dining Company in Brownsburg

Price Range: $5 – $7 per slice

Specialty: Key Lime Pie

Boulder Creek Dining Company offers Key Lime Pie, a blend of tangy richness and sweet, crumbly crust. The restaurant’s rustic decor with stone and wood complements the serene creek-side setting.

Mrs. Wick’s Pies, Winchester

Eating pie at Mrs. Wick’s Pies in Winchester

Price Range: $2.50 – $4 per slice

Specialty: Pecan Pie

Mrs. Wick’s Pies, a staple in Winchester, serves a pecan pie with toasted pecans and caramel-like filling in a flaky crust. The pie embodies southern comfort, backed by genuine hospitality.

Locally Grown Gardens, Indianapolis

Eating pie at the Locally Grown Gardens, Indianapolis

Price Range: $5 – $7 per slice

Specialty: Sugar Cream Pie

Locally Grown Gardens offers a standout sugar cream pie amidst a year-round farmers market setting. The pie combines creamy filling with a buttery crust, offering a nostalgic taste. The market enhances the pie-eating experience with its vibrant, local produce.

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