I Found an Indiana Speakeasy, and It Wasn’t Where Google Said

Hush on Main Bar - Interior
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Retirement – they say it’s the time to slow down, but here I am, zipping through Southwest Indiana like a teenager who just got his first car. And Evansville? It’s my playground. Now, let me tell you about my latest escapade—it involves a mysterious speakeasy, a misleading Google Maps pin, and a taste of the roaring ’20s that would make Gatsby proud.

How did the quest begin?

Imagine this: a sunny Saturday morning and there I was, sipping my fourth cup of coffee, plotting my next adventure. My eyes were half focused on the newspaper, half on the horizon of my next venture (what can I say, I love a good adventure). I stumbled upon an interesting mention: “Hush on Main“, a 1920s speakeasy right in the heart of Evansville.

The kicker? It boasted an address—323 Main Street—but Google Maps whispered another location in my ear. What’s a spirited retiree to do but dive into a bit of mystery? A perfect recipe for a little weekend sleuthing, blending nostalgia with a dash of detective


The Misdirection

So there I go, Google said “left” and I took left (despite my instincts screaming “right!”). After a merry dance around a few city blocks, dodging the usual crowd and the odd cyclist, I was pretty pissed, I must admit.  As it turned out, “Hush on Main” wasn’t where Google thought it was.

Grinning, I trusted my gut, walked down an alley, and there it was—a plain door that seemed to hint at hidden secrets.

Step into the ’20s

Interior of the Hush on Main bar

When I swung open the door, the atmosphere struck me right away. The room was dimly lit with jazz music playing softly in the background. It felt like I’d stepped back in time, with people lounging around as if they were still living in the days of prohibition. There were quiet talks and laughter at every table.

The walls were covered with old-fashioned wallpaper and the smell of aged liquor filled the air, taking me back to an earlier time. It was like walking into an old movie, but everything felt more real and colorful, filled with a sense of nostalgia and playfulness.

It was like stepping into a black-and-white film where the colors of real life were even more vivid, painted with the hues of nostalgia and mischief.

Liquid offer

Their menu was a tribute to 1929—the year the stock market crashed, but at this speakeasy, the mood was anything but low. The bartender mixed drinks like a true pro, making cocktails that made everything seem a bit brighter.

One of their specialties, a neat Jim Beam Black, aged 7 years, whispered my name. Each sip was smoother than the last, a perfect blend of robust flavor and a hint of mischief. I loved it.

Scotch and whiskey

Bottles of drinks at the Hush on Main bar

Not just Jim Beam, mind you. The selection ranged from scotch that warmed your soul to rye whiskey that had more stories to tell than my old college professor. Each bottle was unique, capturing the essence of the fields and grains from which it came, along with the careful attention of its maker. V

Vodka, tequila, gin, and bourbon lined the shelves, whatever your soul craves – you’ll find it here. The choices were as varied as the characters sitting at the bar, each with a favorite and a story to tell about why it was theirs.

Brunch? Yes, please!

Come the weekend, and “Hush on Main” transformed. From 11 AM to 2 PM, it wasn’t just about the cocktails. The atmosphere changed in the morning, becoming more laid-back and cheerful.

The champagne brunch was amazing—mimosas were everywhere, and the build-your-own Bloody Mary bar was outstanding. I added so many toppings to mine, it looked like a small garden in a glass—it was almost too pretty to drink.

It’s not only about the booze…

Food at the Hush on Main

The food menu wasn’t huge, but it really captured the 1920s vibe. It had small appetizers, fancy fries, and a charcuterie board fit for a king. Simple yet full of flavor, showing that great taste is timeless.

To wrap things up

So, what did I learn from my little misadventure? First, never trust technology blindly. Second, the best places are often hidden; it takes a bit of curiosity and a lot of wrong turns to find them. And lastly, if you ever find yourself in Evansville, don’t just stick to the beaten path. Who knows? Maybe your misdirected stroll might lead you to the best cocktail of your life.

“Hush on Main” was a time capsule. And as I stepped out, back into the modern world, I couldn’t help but feel a little more connected to the history of this vibrant city. If you have a chance, you should definitely check it out.

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