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Well howdy folks and welcome to Southwest Indiana! My name’s Rich, your host and tour guide to all the quirky hidden gems around these parts. I’m a seasoned 55-year-old who decided Evansville was the place to be. This here blog is how I’ll show ya all my favorite spots – and believe me, there’s more variety than pie flavors at the state fair!

As someone who’s had his share of wrong turns, I’ve stumbled on places that’ll blow your mind. We’ll find trails greener than your salad, and little diners with stories better than the coffee. It’s all right here waiting to be explored!

Stick with me and we’ll tour around together. It ain’t just where we end up – it’s the surprises and funny mishaps along the way that make it memorable, like when your GPS wants to take the scenic route or those “closed” signs mean more fun detours.

So if you like adventure off the beaten path, and don’t mind a corny joke or two about the sights (why did the scarecrow get an award? Cuz he was outstanding in his field, ha!), then you’re in the right place. I say we turn these ordinary days into something extraordinary.

Hop in that car, grab a map just in case, and let’s hit the road – Southwest Indiana is calling!

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