Indiana’s Quirkiest Roadside Attractions That Actually Exis

Indiana's Quirkiest Roadside Attractions That Actually Exis
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Indiana: land of corn, basketball, and… giant lady legs? If you thought the Hoosier State was only about Hoops and harvests, think again. Scattered across the countryside, among the amber waves of grain, are attractions that defy expectations and challenge descriptions.

From mammoth sundials sculpted into shapely limbs to behemoth balls of paint, these quirky landmarks serve as a testament to human creativity and Indiana’s penchant for the peculiar.

Whether you’re a native Hoosier or a curious traveler, these offbeat gems provide compelling reasons to take a detour. Here’s a look at some of Indiana’s most bizarre and unforgettable roadside attractions. Buckle up; it’s going to be an odd ride.

Giant Lady’s Leg Sundial – Lake Village

Roadside Attractions - Giant Lady's Leg Sundial - Lake Village

Nestled in Lake Village, this peculiar sundial features a massive, anatomically detailed lady’s leg that doubles as the gnomon (the part of a sundial that casts the shadow).

Originally part of a 1974 sculpture contest, this roadside marvel not only tells time (when sunny) but also offers an unforgettable photo op. A testament to whimsical artistic vision, the Lady’s Leg is an homage to both functionality and surrealism in public art.

Nearby, the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art showcases a similarly innovative spirit, adding to the region’s vibrant artistic landscape.

World’s Largest Paint Ball – Alexandria

World’s Largest Paint Ball - Alexandria

Touting more than 24,000 layers of paint, the World’s Largest Paint Ball in Alexandria stands as a testament to what can happen when a community comes together for something downright bizarre.

The project began as a regular baseball and has evolved into a 4,000-pound behemoth. Visiting this attraction offers a glimpse into a unique form of communal art and makes for a vivid, if not slightly odd, travel tale.

Giant Egg of Mentone – Mentone

Giant Egg of Mentone - Mentone

Known as the “Egg Basket of the Midwest,” Mentone proudly displays a colossal egg to commemorate its poultry industry.

This gigantic concrete egg measures 10 feet in length and is a sunny-side-up addition to any travel itinerary, providing a peculiar yet iconic snapshot of Indiana’s agricultural heritage.

Barbed Wire Museum – LaPorte

Barbed Wire Museum - LaPorte

A niche collection that might seem prickly at first glance, the LaPorte Barbed Wire Museum is dedicated entirely to the history and variety of barbed wire.

It showcases over 2,400 different types of barbed wire, along with tools and technology used in its production and deployment. It’s a fascinating dive into a surprisingly intricate part of agricultural and military history.

Paul Bunyan’s Fishing Pole – Kokomo

Paul Bunyan's Fishing Pole - Kokomo

Kokomo is home to what is allegedly the largest fishing pole in the world—a staggering 25 feet in length, constructed out of old street light poles.

The fishing line descends into a regular-sized pond, making it a humorous and photogenic pit stop. This attraction playfully celebrates America’s folklore giant, Paul Bunyan, adding a local twist to his legendary exploits.

Veal’s Ice Tree – Indianapolis

Veal's Ice Tree - Indianapolis

What started as a family project in the 1960s has grown into a wintertime tradition. The Veal family sprays water over a carefully arranged pile of brush, which freezes and accumulates into an “ice tree.”

This naturally sculpted phenomenon can reach heights of over 40 feet depending on the winter’s ferocity. It’s a temporary and ever-changing spectacle that attracts visitors with its eerie, frost-bitten beauty.

Basketball Hall of Fame – New Castle

Basketball Hall of Fame - New Castle

While not quirky in the traditional sense, the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle pays homage to the state’s basketball obsession in a unique and heartfelt way.

The museum features not only sports memorabilia but also interactive exhibits that detail how basketball has woven itself into the fabric of Indiana life.

Pink Elephant in Martini Glass – Fortville

Pink Elephant in Martini Glass - Fortville

Among Indiana’s most photographed oddities, this giant pink elephant calmly residing in a martini glass combines the surreal with the everyday.

Located outside a liquor store, it whimsically underscores Indiana’s penchant for the eccentric and the playful.

Santa Claus Museum – Santa Claus

Santa Claus Museum - Santa Claus

At the top of the list, the Santa Claus Museum celebrates the Christmas spirit year-round in the town aptly named Santa Claus.

This attraction includes a historic church, a 22-foot Santa statue, and a plethora of yuletide lore. It’s a magical retreat that offers a deep dive into the town’s unique history and its dedication to all things Santa.

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