Editorial Policy

At Southwest Indiana, I focus on creating accurate, trustworthy, and engaging content that celebrates and informs them about the region’s culture, events, and news. The commitment to editorial excellence is fundamental to my operations, ensuring that the information I share meets the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Content Creation

Accuracy and Accountability

I, as an editor, am committed to providing accurate and factual content. All the facts and data are verified through reliable sources and ensure that all information published is up to date at the time of publication.


Southwest Indiana operates independently of external influences or interests. The content is generated and curated without any undue influence from sponsors or partners.

Fairness and Impartiality

I strive to provide balanced coverage and consider all sides of the stories I report. The content creation process aims to reflect a wide range of viewpoints without bias.

Source Transparency

I believe in transparency about the origins of information. Sources are always credited unless anonymity is necessary to protect the source or if the information is generated internally based on thorough research and analysis.

Editorial Process

Editorial Review

Every article passes through a multi-level review process, including a content editor and a senior editorial manager, ensuring that it aligns with the editorial standards.


Should any inaccuracies be identified post-publication, I am committed to correcting them promptly and transparently, with corrections noted clearly for readers.

Ethics and Compliance


Plagiarism is strongly prohibited and I insist on original content creation. All submitted work is checked for originality using plagiarism detection software.

Conflict of Interest

Contributors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that might influence their work, including personal or financial interests related to the content.


I respect privacy and I am cautious not to infringe on personal rights without consent unless there is a compelling public interest to do so.

Engagement with the Community

Feedback and Complaints

I am more than open for feedback and I address all the complaints swiftly. Readers are encouraged to contact me through the provided contact methods on the website.

Community Contribution

I encourage community contributions and input, which are subject to the same editorial standards as the internal content.

Updates to Policy

This Editorial Policy is reviewed annually and may be updated to adapt to changing standards and practices in journalism and content creation.

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