Additional Resources

  • Enterprise Zone Incentives: Tax deductions and credits available for businesses located in Enterprise Zones.
  • Infrastructure Support: Grants and loans for roads, rail spurs, and water and sewer lines.
  • Workforce Training: Training or funding for training to provide skills for new qualified employees.
  • Local Incentives: Additional incentives are also available. Southwest Indiana business incentives packages are created and customized on a per-project basis. Contact our office today!
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    Venture Capital Investment Tax Credit

    Investors providing qualified debt or equity capital to fast-growing Indiana companies receive a credit that applies toward their Indiana income tax liability.

  • Elevate Ventures

    Elevate Ventures nurtures and develops emerging and existing high-potential businesses into high-performing, Indiana-based companies. Elevate Ventures helps by funding entrepreneurs, providing assistance, helping secure grants, co-investing in start-ups and being a community partner.

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    Skills Enhancement Fund

    The Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) offered by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation provides financial assistance to businesses committed to training their workforce. Trainees must be Indiana residents. SEF reimburses eligible training expenses over a two-year term. Companies may reapply for additional SEF funds after their initial two-year term.

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    Industrial Recovery Tax Credit

    An incentive for companies to invest in facilities requiring significant remodeling. A building is first designated an industrial recovery site, then companies may qualify for tax credit equal to a percentage of rehabilitation expense.

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    Hoosier Business Investment Tax Credit

    Provides credit toward a company’s state taxes. The amount of the credit is calculated by the Indiana Economic Development Coalition, and is based on the company’s proposed capital investment and the economic benefits of that investment.

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    Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit

    The Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit (HRTC) provides a tax credit to a business that relocates their headquarters to Indiana. The credit is assessed
    against the corporation’s state tax liability.  The credit is up to 50 percent of a corporation’s approved costs of relocating its headquarters to
    Indiana, as determined by the IEDC. A nine year carry forward applies to any unused part of the credit.

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    EDGE Tax Credit

    The Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) program is a refundable tax credit that is calculated as a percentage of payroll tax withholding on net new jobs for Indiana on projects where Indiana is competing with another State.

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    Tax Increment Financing

    Property taxes generated from new construction in a designated area that are set aside by the local government and reinvested in the area to promote development.