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Business is just easier in Southwest Indiana thanks to a collaborative region and business-friendly government.  Southwest Indiana has a diverse economy that focuses on several target industries: advanced manufacturing, logistics and distribution, health and life sciences, and plastics. We have the expertise to provide you with the information and guidance necessary to relocate or expand your business as you plan new investments. Click through below for more information on these industry sectors.

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Target Industries


Southwest Indiana has a long history in advanced manufacturing, specializing in auto assembly and related support, electronic part manufacturing, food processing and machinery manufacturing. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, one of the world’s most highly advanced auto assembly factories, is just one example of advanced manufacturers that call Southwest Indiana home. In manufacturing, Indiana’s business…

  • Ranks #5 U.S. state in automotive strength by Business Facilities (2015)
  • Makes up more than 28% of state’s GDP, highest in nation
  • Generates $84.2 billion in economic output
  • Employs 491,200 people, the highest share of workforce in nation as of December 2013
  • Ranks #3 U.S. state for automotive parts employment
  • Additional State rankings
Recent report shows Evansville Region Helping to boost Indiana's Manufacturing Value

Other businesses use advanced manufacturing technology as a vital part of their operations:

  • SABIC makes engineered thermoplastic materials.
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana builds SUVs, hybrid SUVs and minivans.
  • Ameriqual specializes in the production, packaging and assembly of high-quality, shelf-stable food products.
  • Berry Global is a leading provider of plastic consumer packaging and engineered materials.
  • BWX Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of parts and components for the U.S. government.



Health and
Life Sciences

Southwest Indiana has a thriving health and life sciences focus, but focus does not mean lack of breadth. We cover it all: pharmaceuticals, clinical research, healthcare, infant nutrition and more.  Data shows that the health and life science sector in the Evansville, IN – Henderson, KY MSA  ranks second in number of employed in the region.  

Over the past few years, the region has seen upwards of $500 million in investment from specialized care hospitals to the new Stone Family Center for Health Sciences , a collaborative medical school that aligns four hospitals and three higher educational institutions leading the charge of changing the way healthcare is delivered throughout Indiana and the U.S.   The $70 million, 145,000 s.f. Medical campus is in the heart of downtown Evansville and is already attracting ancillary medical-related businesses such as McKesson Specialty Health expanding the medical footprint of Indiana’s Great Southwest.      

The area’s infrastructure also includes numerous hospitals along with the Warrick Wellness Trail, a 1,400-acre medical corridor which serves more than 800,000 residents in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky.  Current investments in the Corridor are approximately $300 million and feature the new Deaconess Orthopedic and Neuroscience Hospital as well as St. Vincent Orthopedic Hospital currently being built.  Other health specialty hospital developments are in process as well as housing and lifestyle amenities.  Deaconess has been recognized as a Best Hospital for 2019-20 by U.S. News & World Report.

Shortly after the purchase of Mead Johnson Nutrition in 2017 by RB (Reckitt Benckiser), a global market leader in consumer health and hygiene,  expansion plans were announced  to increase capacity of the Evansville global operations center and research development facilities.   Read full release here.

AstraZeneca  has pharmaceutical manufacturing operation focused on diabetes protocol in Posey County.  View the AstraZeneca episode of The Coalition’s Vlog: The Real Southwest Indiana – Our Stories, Our Way here.

Logistics and Distribution

Southwest Indiana’s centralized location and its rich infrastructure provide strong benefits to logistics and distribution companies like yours. This infrastructure is the backbone of Indiana’s manufacturing industry, getting supplies to manufacturers and then distributing finished goods. The Ports of Indiana – Mount Vernon is one of three inland ports and is the seventh largest inland port in the country based on trip ton-miles. The port is located on the Ohio River and handles approximately six million tons per year which is more cargo by water and rail than any other port in Indiana. Indiana is the top state in America for pass-through interstates, and 75 percent of U.S. and Canadian populations live within a day’s drive from Southwest Indiana. The state of Indiana has over 724 million tons of freight travel through it annually. Over 1,169 interstate miles, 5,347 railway miles, or 400 navigable water miles; the State has 325,000 workers in industry and logistics roles at area manufacturers; and is 4th in the nation for infrastructure and 15th in the nation for foreign and domestic shipments. Southwest Indiana has four rail lines, an east/west interstate, state highways connecting to major interstates, a commercial airport and multiple river ports. Its infrastructure can support any transportation mode you choose. See detailed transportation information and maps for more information. Companies such as GAF, Berry Global, TJ MAXX and Shoe Carnival are already taking advantage of our infrastructure for distribution. Warehouse Services, Inc. offers warehouse services to house your inventory for easy national distribution.


Southwest Indiana’s extensive and varied industry is globally recognized as a leader in plastics and plastics derivatives and recognized as the place where the modern U.S. plastics industry began, thus being named ‘The Plastics Valley’.  We have companies who focus on design, compound manufacturing, and fabrication of final products for consumer goods, packaging and automotive sectors.  Berry Global, a leading provider of value-added plastic consumer packaging and engineered specialty materials, has its world headquarters located in Evansville, Indiana, with net sales of $7.8 billion (2018).  View the Berry Global episode of the Coalition’s vlog The Real Southwest Indiana – Our Stories, Our Way here.  In Evansville’s Design District, Blue Clover Studios  has been compared to the design studios of New York and Milan while providing its customers valuable product research and design services in record time.  SABIC  has one of its six primary global sites in Southwest Indiana. Our area’s plastics expertise and status as a logistics and distribution leader have you covered, conception to shipment.

The Southwest Indiana region consists of the four counties of Gibson, Posey, Vanderburgh and Warrick, and the City of Evansville, Indiana, the state’s 3rd largest city. We offer tax incentives and other services to save your business time and money.
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