In December of 2015, the State of Indiana chose Southwest Indiana as one of the three regions to receive $42 million in state matching funds geared toward talent attracting projects. From leveraging the new The Stone Family Center for Health Sciences to redefining urban living through connected downtown housing called the Post House, the region’s plan represents an exciting and achievable return on investment for Indiana’s Great Southwest.

“Building outward from a strong core in Evansville, Southwest Indiana radiates with exciting opportunities and plans to develop dynamic communities to live, work and play. Looking back, future generations will see Indiana’s bicentennial as a time when Hoosiers came together to create a better tomorrow, and Southwest Indiana is at the forefront.” – Mike Pence, 50th Governor of the State of Indiana

Local leadership tells us how collaboration is helping create a vibrant community. Learn why.

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Core Projects are designed to assist with the transformation of the Evansville downtown area and adjacent urban neighborhoods. The Core Projects include:

Gateway Projects are associated with initiatives that create new and dynamic opportunities by leveraging strategic resources outside the region’s core. The Gateway Projects include:

Supportive Projects provide for new development, investment, job creation and related benefits that support the Regional Cities investment. The Supportive Projects include:

Indiana’s Great Southwest Plan

Focusing on 11 regional development projects, including a medical research center in downtown Evansville and updates to the Regional Airport, the $42 million in State funding will leverage a total of $926 million investment to the region in combined public and private dollars. The 211 page development plan outlines projects descriptions, uses and funding sources.