Possible Internet Grant Funding for Warrick County

Monday, April 15, 2019

ATTENTION WARRICK COUNTY, INDIANA RESIDENTS!  If you’re internet is slow or seems ‘non-existent’, please take 5 minutes and help us make our case for potential broadbrand grant funding to improve service to rural and underserved parts of Warrick County. 

WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW. Warrick County is excited to have a 105-mile advanced broadband fiber backbone project secured and kicking off in 2019.  Warrick County, Mainstream Fiber and River City Wireless are pursuing recently announced state rural broadband grant funds that will allow us to expand the fiber broadband infrastructure construction and wireless connection that is already planned.  This will help it reach additional underserved residents in our county

HOW YOU CAN HELP!  At your home computer, please click on the following link to enter your address and share your experiences with your current internet access.  Please site examples.


…and SHARE with your neighbors so they can share their comments as well.

The deadline is soon, so your prompt attention is appreciated!  If you’d rather send written comments, please send your letter or email stating your personal experiences with access to the internet and the importance of access for you.  These can be mailed to the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana at 318 Main Street, Suite 400, Evansville IN, 47708 or emailed to Audrie Burkett at [email protected].

Thank you!  Success Warrick County and Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana