People are hearing the buzz about our corner of Indiana.  It’s a vibrant energy that is bringing about transformational changes to our communities.  From artists to architects, from musicians to MD’s; it’s a movement that haunts of a grass-roots feel, where people are engaging in diverse community groups helping create a place where a beautiful and meaningful life can be led.  E is for everyone, especially in Southwest Indiana.

And businesses are taking advantage of the transformation, too.

Currently, over $4B in investments throughout the City of Evansville and surrounding Gibson, Posey, Vanderburgh and Warrick Counties are helping build an even stronger economy with greater cultural and recreational amenities such as walking trails, public immersive theater, vibrant music venues and thriving art and festival communities.

Feeling lost in that big city?  Disconnected? Career not moving fast enough?  Come on over to our place and make it your own.  Your life – your way.  Write your own story here in Southwest Indiana. Sam Stevens moved here after living that big city life and got connected with Innovation Pointe’s thriving co-working space.  Here’s his story.


E is for everyone web site highlights our people, events and local eats that make us unique.  Come be a part of our future.