Ciholas – A Tech Giant on the Silicon Prairie

You might not think about Southwest Indiana as being a place for high tech. Ciholas will make you think otherwise. In Warrick County just east of Evansville, Ciholas employs 40 of the brightest engineers in Indiana helping local and global companies with high tech solutions. Ciholas’ patented ultra-wide ban tracking technology is used from location […]

Quarion Technology is making forklift safety Job #1

In the US alone, there are approximately 100,000 forklift accidents per year with 85 of those resulting in a fatality according to OSHA statistics. We’re talking to Aric Pryor with Quarion Technology, a tech start up that’s already helping companies increase their forklift safety in Indiana’s Great Southwest. With over 855,000 forklifts in operation, Quarion […]

Envolve Engineering, a Start-up Success Story

Envolve Engineering is a successful tech start up in Evansville, Indiana that was birthed after a large design center moved from the area. Moving from incubator to its own space, Envolve Engineering has expanded its offerings to: Design Engineering Services, Product Sales and Remote Data Monitoring with customizable packages in all disciplines. Link to Comar […]

Elevate Ventures lifts the entrepreneurial community throughout Southwest Indiana

If you’re an Indiana entrepreneur in the fields of technology or innovation, Elevate Ventures may be the best business partner you could have. On today’s episode of The Real Southwest Indiana – Our Stories, Our Way, Greg Wathen talks with Southwest Indiana Entrepreneur, Eric Steele about the different offerings of Elevate Ventures. Also, hear from […]

BEP means WOW in Indiana’s Great Southwest

One of the most successful programs within the borders of Indiana’s Great Southwest has been the Blight Elimination Program administered through the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana for three of the four counties. WATCH as the Coalition’s Debbie Bennett-Stearsman explains the impact of the program.

Expanding medical talent in Indiana’s Great Southwest through collaboration

The Stone Family Center for Health Sciences is helping change the way healthcare is delivered in Indiana’s Great Southwest. A first of its kind collaboration, the Stone Family Center is partnering with four distinct hospital systems as well as three higher education institutions including Indiana University, University of Evansville and the University of Southern Indiana. […]

Building a Thriving Medical Community within the Warrick Wellness Trail

With over $600 million in new investment, the Warrick Wellness Trail is the new regional healthcare destination for Indiana’s Great Southwest and beyond. Anchored by Deaconess Gateway Hospital and the new St. Vincent’s Orthopedic Hospital, Warrick Wellness Trail offers a central location for hospitals, specialty clinics, medical practices, laboratories, research facilities and pharmaceutical providers, along […]

Downtown Evansville – A Renaissance Story

Downtown Evansville represents the heart or core of Southwest Indiana. With new shops, eateries and a cool co-working space, the renaissance of Downtown Evansville creates an exciting place to work, live, play, study as well as visit and something that has not been seen in quite some time. Come Shop Small, Dine Small in the […]

Indiana’s Great Southwest Gears up with help from HMC Gears

HMC Gears located in Princeton, Indiana is a uniquely positioned large gear and machine company servicing a variety of businesses. A fifth generation locally-owned business, HMC started in coal mining and today provides technologically advanced and modern gear cutting, grinding, machining and inspection equipment, are all capable of producing and verifying tolerances from AGMA 8 […]

Cool Spaces for CoWork Evansville

Entrepreneur? Start up? Remote worker that’s tired of working from home? The CoWork Evansville space located at 318 Main Street is officially open and accepting new clients and is located on the ground floor of Innovation Pointe in the heart of downtown Evansville. The space is operated by the Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville. Interested […]