Talent Attraction Takes Social Media for a Spin

Monday, January 8, 2018

Since August, the Economic Development Coalition has been
involved with a Talent Pilot Project that could revolutionize the
way workers are attracted to the region. The Coalition teamed up
with Dean Whittaker of Whittaker & Associates, Cara Debbaudt
of Pareto People and Jason Sosa of Blackbox.ai to conduct a pilot
utilizing social media to help attract workers to Southwest

“If we’ve learned anything from the pilot project is that we need
to rethink the entire hiring experience for candidates,” said Greg
Wathen, President & CEO, Economic Development Coalition of
Southwest Indiana. “More than 50 percent of millennials use their smart phones to apply for a job and have
we considered their customer experience.”

Whittaker & Associates will be compiling its findings in a comprehensive report available the first of 2018.