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Reasons to Choose Southwest Indiana

Southwest Indiana is located 60 miles south of the median center of the U.S. population (the point where latitude and longitude lines intersect, and the population is the same on all sides), resulting in lower transportation costs and easy access to almost every U.S. market.

There are many reasons to locate your business in southwest Indiana:

  • Access to major markets in the midwest and southeast U.S.
  • Low transportation cost: highway, rail, air, and river
  • Competitively priced gas and electric power
  • Educated, skilled workforce

Quick facts about the southwest Indiana region:

  • Part of a right to work state
  • Population is 359,879 (estimated in 2011)
  • In the Central time zone (GMT - 05:00)

We help you connect with and find sites in 4 Indiana counties:

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