So far, The Coalition has helped secure over $115 million in grants for community development, including nine grants awarded in 2014 alone. We’ve helped secure funding to expand water and sewer systems, build new community centers, and improve the region’s levee system, creating the best possible future for Southwest Indiana. Our business, your best possible life.

Finding state and federal funding is a complicated process, but we’re experts.

We spend time educating and outfitting community leaders with the resources they need to move Southwest Indiana forward. Lists of state and federal funding opportunities for community development efforts, job creation and retention, infrastructure, community facilities, a resource library and grant training are all at our fingertips.

The Coalition coordinates our efforts with multiple agencies to provide the best possible outcome for any development project. We work closely with community leaders on project planning and development and assist with every step of the grant process; from writing, development and administration, and compliance.

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