It’s Alive! Alcoa reopens Warrick Smelter

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Primary aluminum is a strategically critical industry for the U.S. and with the closures or curtailment of three-quarters of the primary aluminum production capacity in the past five years, the reopening of Alcoa Warrick’s smelter is really big national economic news indeed.

There are only five primary aluminum smelters currently operating in the U.S. and not all of those smelters are operating at 100 percent capacity. With the reopening of Alcoa Warrick, making it the sixth primary aluminum smelter, 50 percent of the total U.S. capacity for primary aluminum will be located within one hour of Southwest Indiana.

And none of this would have occurred without a phenomenal team effort from led by Alcoa, Warrick County officials, the State of Indiana, Vectren; and, most importantly, the incredible workforce at Alcoa Warrick.

(See the press release below)

It’s Alive! Alcoa reopens Warrick Smelter